Every football manager will receive a predefined team from the start, composed of 11 players and 9 reserves, as well as 2 trainers. From the menus Market/Bid Players, Youths or Trainers, you can buy more Players, Youths and Trainers for your team. You also have available o list of all the players put up for auction. You can choose the players according to multiple categories such as position, age, talent, leg, country, price, salary, speed, stamina, keeper abilities, defence, passing, ball control, cross, headshot and shooting. For each player from the market, you can see the time left until the auction ends. During the auction, if a user bids in the last 3 minutes before the auction ends, the term of the auction will be prolonged with another 3 minutes.

The players have different characteristics, such as:

  • MO = Moral;
  • EN = Energy;
  • FO = Form;
  • EXP = Experience;
  • SP = Speed;
  • STM = Stamina;
  • GK = Goalkeeping;
  • TK = Tackling;
  • DR = Dribbling;
  • LS = Long Shot;
  • HS = Head Shot;
  • PS = Passing;
  • PC = Position Coefficient;
  • EC = Efficiency Coefficient;
  • GS = General Score;
  • AS = Actual Score.

Every player has a specific position on the field, and the role of the manager is to set the best starting team so that his team has a higher efficiency during the matches.

Your players have the following abilities:

  • Tackling – is the player's ability to dispossess;
  • Dribbling – is the player's ability to maintain the control of the ball around his opponent;
  • Long shot – is the player's ability to center the ball or pass it to his teammates at a long distance;
  • Head shot – is the player's ability to hit the ball with his head;
  • Shot – is the player's ability to shot the ball in order to score;
  • Passing – is the player's ability to pass the ball to his teammates;
  • Speed – is the player's ability to run on the field faster than his teammates;
  • Stamina – is the player's capacity to put efforts for a relatively long time and with high intensity indices while maintaining constant optimum efficiency;
  • Defense – is the player's ability to avert the actions of his opponents.

Also, when reaching a certain age your players retire and become trainers. For every specialty, the age limit is as follows:

  • attacker – 35 years;
  • midfielder – 36 years;
  • defender – 38 years;
  • goalkeeper – 40 years;

The retirement will be made automatically by the system when the players reach the ages mentioned before. They will keep the same talent level, and their skill as a trainer will be the highest skill they had as a player, however the value of that skill will be reduced by half. For example if you have a goalkeeper with the keeping skill value 28, when he becomes a trainer his skill will be 14.

Your player's stamina influences their energy level during matches. It is assumed that during training all the players submit the same amount of effort, so their energy decreases with 50% after training. In contrast, during matches, not all players submit the same effort and their energy levels will drop according to their stamina. The more stamina your players have (resistance), the slower their energy level will decrease.

Speed refers to the ability of your players to run faster on the field during a match. As this skill becomes of a higher level, so will your player's scoring. Speed can be increased by placing your players on the training positions for this ability.

The morale of players increases after each goal scored with 5 points. Also after 2 consecutive winnings, all your player's morale will increase with 20 points.

Concerning the Form, it increases after each match by 5 points to players in the First team, with 2,5 points for the Reserves and decreases with 7.5 to the Others.

Your players' Experience increase according to the Series your team is in, with 0.5 points if your team is in the 1st series, 0.4 in the 2nd series and so on up to 0.1 points. Also, after a match, both the first 11 and the reserved receive experience points.